Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur for numerous reasons and as a result of several problems originating in the spine. Neck pain can cause one to have numbness, tingling, burning and aching pain localized in the neck and or radiating down to the shoulder blade as well as down one’s arm(s). It can also cause one to develop weakness in the arm and hand which could lead to limited function.

Neck pain can originate from slouched sitting, motor vehicle accidents, PT Works - Pediatric Therapist - Pediatric Physical Therapy - Pediatrician improper positioning while sleeping, maintaining head down/forward for extended periods of time as well as normal age related changes to name a few. If you are experiencing pain / tingling / burning / aching / numbness in your neck, shoulder blade, arm(s), hand(s) and/or even headaches it may be coming from your neck. The longer the problem persists without appropriate care the more involved it may become and thus more extensive treatment may be required to overcome it.


 PT Works - Pediatric Therapist - Pediatric Physical Therapy - Pediatrician
These problems can be treated with cervical manipulations, manual and mechanical traction, nerve glides, postural re-education and modalities such as ice, and electrical stimulation when indicated. Dry needling has also been proven to be beneficial with reducing pain associated with the neck related dysfunctions.

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